Welcome to the Mercer Island Beach Club

Since 1954 the Mercer Island Beach Club has united a spirited community of friends and neighbors dedicated to the enjoyment and development of our choice waterfront property on the southern tip of Mercer Island.

We share potluck meals, social lunches, family activities, tennis volleys, evening bonfires, and the beautiful scenery visible from our ample grounds.

Members are the Foundation of our Community

Members enjoy access to our beautiful facilities and grounds, 7.5 acres of sandy beachfront, supervised lakefront swimming, children’s play areas, and expansive lawns.

Other amenities include:

  • Two Pools
  • Six Tennis Courts
  • Regulation-size Pickleball Court
  • View Decks with Picnic Tables
  • Beach Waterfront
  • Water Slide
  • Six Moorage Docks
  • 74 Boat Slips
  • Kayak and Day Sailor Racks
  • Large Picnic Area
  • Communal Grills
  • State-of-the-Art Fitness Room
  • Fitness Classes
  • Attractive Clubhouse
  • Wave Cafe

Come Take a Tour

There’s nothing like seeing the stunning views and choice amenities of the Mercer Island Beach Club in person. To schedule a visit, or for more information, please email our Director of Membership Engagement or fill out the form below.

Join Our Community

We would be delighted to welcome you as one of our 500 members and member families. Please fill out this form, including your contact information, and we will be in touch to schedule a tour. For further information, please contact our Director of Membership Engagement.

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Membership FAQ's

Here are some common questions people have about joining the Club. For more information,please contact our Director of Membership Engagement.

How many member families are there at the Beach Club?

At any given time there are a maximum of 500 active MIBC member families.

I am interested in membership, can I tour the Club?

Absolutely, but you need to call ahead first to schedule a time with our General Manager who will take you around the MIBC grounds and facilities and answer your questions. Call the MIBC Office to schedule a tour at 206-232-3125.

How long is the waiting list?

To find out, please call the MIBC Office at 206-232-3125.

If I decided to sell my membership, do I get anything back?

Yes, exiting members get back 50% of the prevailing Membership price, regardless of the amount they paid for their new member fee.  Our current membership fee is $6,500.  If you were to become a member today and leave tomorrow you would receive $3,250 back from your original investment.  As the membership value appreciates, so does the amount returned to the cancelling member, but it will always be 50% of the price AT THE TIME OF CANCELLATION.

I am not a member, but can I participate in MIBC programs? What if I am on the waitlist?

Current MIBC policies do not allow participation by non-members. If you are on the waiting list, you are not eligible to start participating in MIBC programs until it comes to your turn on the waiting list and you accept and pay the new member fee.

In addition to the monthly dues, are their other costs associated with belonging to the club and participating in programs or social events?

Members receive a monthly statement from MIBC which includes their monthly dues, and any fees relating to participating in programs such as swim lessons, tennis lessons, personal training, moorage, etc.

Is there a certain age where a child can no longer use a family membership to access the club?

An unmarried son or daughter, of a family membership, remains a member of the Club until December 31st of the year, within which, the son or daughter reaches their 23rd birthday.