Splashball Clinic

Rain City Water Polo is teaming up with Mercer Island Beach Club to host a FREE Splashball clinic January 5th! This clinic will be followed by three (3) drop-in clinics, January 12, 19 and 26th.

Splashball is for kids (boys and girls) 5-10 yrs and is played in the shallow end of the pool with small balls and goals and, no contact. It is a fun introduction to water polo and a great way for kids to build strength and confidence in the water.


  • Classes are limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Classes may be cancelled due to insufficient registration.
  • Classes will be billed upon registration to the member account.
Water polo - Splashball Clinic
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Event Details

  • January 12, 2020
    1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
  • January 19, 2020
    1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
  • January 26, 2020
    1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
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