Barbecuing at MIBC

Picnicking and barbecuing at MIBC is a special tradition. Whether you bring down the whole family and pick your spot in the picnic area or it is just you and your significant other picnicking on the deck and overlooking Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington, there is a spot that meets your needs.

Our main picnic area includes a large number of picnic tables which are strategically located near the grills. There are four gas grills available for members to grill up their barbecue specialties. The picnic area is a great place to see a friend, meet other members or just share quality family time.

New this year, we have added more picnic tables in both the picnic area and in other areas around the club. There are now picnic spots located near the “Big Toy,” volleyball court, former putting green and in the tennis area.

For the enjoyment of all member (owner) families, please help keep the atmosphere family friendly and dispose of all garbage in the proper receptacles. Also, please help keep the Lost & Found to a reasonable level by checking you have all your belonging before you leave. If you need assistance, feel free to ask any staff person on duty (typically wearing a blue staff shirt).

Grounds Parties

Grounds parties are another way to enjoy the club. If you are bringing more than six guests for a barbecue, birthday party or other gathering, it is considered a grounds party and requires advance approval from the MIBC Office. This helps ensure enjoyment for all members, as it prevents multiple grounds parties from occurring at the same time and increases picnicking space availability.

Grounds Party Rules

The following rules for grounds parties are in place for the enjoyment by everyone.


Contact the Director of Member Engagement in advance of any grounds party to confirm availability and desired location on grounds.


Rates are based on Season and # of guests.


All non-member attendees of grounds parties that want to use the fitness center or visit the pool or pool area, must be signed in by a member before visiting these areas. There is a $5.00 per guest fee for those that use the fitness center or pool. This amount is not included in the grounds party fee and will appear on the member’s statement that signs them in. Visit our Member Information page to view our policy regarding guests.

Size Limit

In June, July and August the maximum number of attendees for a grounds party is 20. For all other months, the maximum size is 40 attendees.

Rules or Conduct Violation

Any individual or groups that violate any of these rules or any other MIBC conduct policy may be asked to leave immediately.

Be an Awesome Member

Visit our Member Information page to learn how to enjoy the BBQ Grounds and be an awesome member of our community.