The Dive Team at the Beach Club strives to provide a positive, enjoyable atmosphere where athletes can strive to learn and achieve at their own diving ability level. It is not important for participants to have any previous experience in the diving field in order to join the team. Participants must be under 17 years old and feel comfortable jumping off the diving board.

In the summer, the Diving Team competes in the Midlakes Swim League. As part of league experience, the Beach Club hosts diving meets, which feature the MIBC Divers competing against other clubs in our area.

Dive Team News

Parent Orientation Meeting

  • Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 9:00-10:00 am
  • Location:  Mercerwood Shore Club

Divers must register for dive insurance through AAU
Instructions are below under Dive Team Registration. Either email a copy of your diver’s insurance to the MIBC Office or bring a hard copy to practice.

2019 Dive Team Coaches

Head Coach: Arjun Misra (Spring) & Sophie McGuffin (Spring/Summer)

Assistant Coach: Coming soon!

Parent Volunteers for Dive Meets

Like swim team, dive meets are run by parent volunteers. Each diver’s parent(s) will need to volunteer at the dive meets in order to assure that they run smoothly and efficiently for our divers. We will rotate through the jobs of judging and working the table.

Practice Schedule – 2019

Spring Diving Team Practice Schedule (May 13–June 21, 2019)

Group Time Days
10-unders 5:00-5:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
11-overs 5:30-6:15pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Summer Diving Team Practice Schedule (June 24–July 27, 2019)

Group Time Days
11-overs 3:00-4:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
11-overs 6:00-7:00pm Tuesday, Thursday
9-10’s 2:00-3:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9-10’s 5:00-6:00pm Tuesday, Thursday
8-unders 1:00-1:45pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8-unders 4:00-4:45pm Tuesday, Thursday


Midlakes Dive Meet Schedule

Click here for meet schedule. Dates and times are subject to change. We will notify you of any changes to the schedule.

Midlakes Dive Championships Schedule (7/27)

Click here for Dive Champs schedule. Champs will be held at Newport Hills Swim & Tennis Club.


The cost of participation is $175 plus tax (Ttl. $192.50) payable to MIBC. AAU fees ($16) are additional.


Please complete the following forms and email to

Dive Team Registration Form 2019
Concussion Information Sheet
Dive Team Risk of Injury Form
Midlakes Hold Harmless Agreement

AAU Membership and Extended Coverage Requirement

You must fulfill the AAU Membership and Extended Coverage Requirement. Apply here, and print 2 copies of your registration card. For instructions on how to register for AAU membership click here. One copy must be turned into the main office –

Information you will need to complete your AAU application:

Program: Youth
Membership Fee: Athlete Registration Extended Coverage ($16.00)
Sport: Diving
AAU Club Name: Midlakes Diving

Diving Team Suit and Logowear

Sylvia’s Swimwear
You can visit Sylvia’s Swimwear store in Bellevue to try on and purchase suits. Swimsuits will be available at Summer Programs Registration Night April 16th to try on.

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Order Deadline: May 2, 2019

Ordering  Instructions: click here

Free shipping
Orders for $100+ will be shipped free to your home. Please note: we will not be offering free shipping to MIBC for apparel distribution, your orders will only be shipped to your home.

MIBC Logowear

We are offering a great selection of MIBC logowear this year using an on-line store. Items include sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, bags and much more! All purchases are final and will be shipped direct to your home.  Learn more at MIBC Registration Night on April 16th.

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