Board of Trustees Nominations due by 11/30

In October of every year we reach out to the Membership to seek self-nominations for our Board of Trustees.  The MIBC Trustees serve an important role at the Club.  We are looking for Trustees that have a vision of how the Club should look and feel in the future, and an interest in guiding us there.

Our vision of the future role of the Board is a true advisory body, allowing the GM not just to steer the ship but to set the course. This will obviously be a process that will evolve over time, but just know that we will be hiring a more substantial GM to lead this Club. That will translate to less hours for the Trustees, but more substantive and strategic discussions about the future.

Details about the role are as follows:

  • The term of a Trustee is three (3) years
  • There are a total of nine (9) Trustees on the Board
  • There are three (3) open positions on the Board to be filled this year
  • The election will be held at the Annual Membership Meeting in February 2018
  • Board meetings are held in the clubhouse, 7–9 p.m. the second Monday of every month
  • Qualifications to serve:
  • Active membership in good standing
  • A demonstrated interest in the Club; committee involvement or use of the Club’s offerings or facilities is desirable but not required
  • Fresh ideas and/or a valuable skill set to bring to the Board
  • A willingness to commit the time and energy needed to be a productive Board member

If you have any questions, or would like to learn a bit more about the role, please contact Rick Marcou.

If you are interested in serving as a Trustee and wish to be considered for the role, please indicate your interest by e-mail to Rick Marcou. Upon receipt, your nomination will  promptly be forwarded along to the Nominating Committee. The nomination deadline is November 30th.

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