Social Events and Community at MIBC

There are a wide variety of social events for members of MIBC. The event calendar is a collaborative effort developed by the member volunteers of the Social Committee and Club Management, and new ideas are always welcome.


MIBC is currently accepting volunteers to join the 2018 Social Committee. For more information, please contact the General Manager.

Events in 2018

Here are some of the great events happening in 2018. Visit our Calendar page to learn more or to sign up.


  • 9/30 Seahawks vs Cardinals


  • Family Trivia Night
  • Bubble Up
  • Family Halloween party


  • Wine Tasting Evening
  • Family Trivia Night
  • Holiday Pary & Christmas Ships


  • Kids Movie Night
  • Family Holiday Event


  • Polar Plunge

Guest Policies

Visit our Policies page to view our policy regarding guests.